My first work. Making guns for mod. Any advice welcome

Hello :grinning:

Honestly I have never ever been into the modelling. I started it all just about 3 days ago, and was thinking that after 1st year of intense education I will be able to create something as ‘difficult’ as a country house in Blender.

Tried 3ds max about 7 years ago or more, and… well. I didnt make it. It looked to me since then, that 3d modelling requires a HUUUGE amount of education, even to complete the very first, very basic model.

But then I started hearing about Blender here and there. Years have passed, and I already knew that blender is actually quite good.

About a week ago we decided to make a little mod for the game called Space Engineers. There are 3 of us, with only 2 being active now. One is doing the C# work, and another should do modelling and texturing work… That was me. I thought that a lot of time is yet to pass untill I can make a simple gun block for the game.

But then I just opened Blender and… Well, suddenly I made this:

Then I created this: A railgun for the small grid (ingame fighter).

Then I went for like 7hrs blender marathon and at the end of the day I had like 4 new weapon models for Space Engineers: They are now my simplest models.

Unfortunately I have a lot of stuff created, so my workspace is an absolute mess, and its impossible to do good screenshots now :frowning:

If you can help me with that issue, please give an advice. Is there a way to move a model from file to file i blender?

There is my workspace: complete mess. And a weird red square on the left side, which I also do not know how to remove.

I would like to share all my creations with you, but its like impossible to do, utill they are all moved away to their own separated folders :slight_smile:

P.S. Please tell me, what do you think about my progress and my models. I dont want to be an overexcited dude, but wow. I could never ever imagine that I can fill up my workspace with all that in just 3 days of work. I also didnt think that I can ever create something that I cant draw on paper (and Im a really bad drawer).

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