My first work *Update*

well actualy this is the 8th but this is the firs renderd one

still needs some work any advise or critisism is good

it looks cool, and the wall tex is quite good, but i don’t understand what’s going on with the lighting.

The red cube doesn’t stand up to that sweet green ball. I think the lighting is good. I would hate to be outside in that atmosphere! Try have a halo spot come through the window so we can get a better sense of the light direction.

Hmm a sphere…Ohhhhh i get it. the sphere and the cube are in love and are watching the sun set…awww how cute… Not bad for a first render.

looks fine to me.

jsut simple comment, if this is an inside, then the reflection on the sphere should show a closed room, but it does show that they are in front of an angle wall with a windows, but no roof. is it the aim?
else, i love the red/green lightning.

Woodman5k i want a halo spot but wher is the bloody option a cant find it any where Help

Enriq766 thanks and yes they are in love (on their hunymoon)

gremlin i know i just notesed that after it was rendered and it was 1 o colck in the morning and i culdnt be bothered ill fix it in a moment

thanks for the coments

Blurr - the halo button is in the light material settings for spot light.

Take a look at this tutorial - Click on the nighttime shine picture and he will explain the settings to get the effect you are looking for.

I know of that tutorial i have made the guitar but it didnt tell me about wher the halo is

i found it now thanks

ok this is what i made

i actualy like the first better i think

i did like the first one better too.

i think you lost something with the new cube color, looks out of the theme? (my feelings)

But i prefere it with the closed room, maybe give more intensity to the outside light, cause you also lost the nice shades you got before.

no way second ones better imoh the texture on that cubes to super

the light is wrong its cous of the halo ill fix it and ill see about the cube i dont like it eather