My first work! :)

Hi all!

I am new to Blender and quite new to 3D graphics.
I just want to show you my first work in Blender. Please tell me what do you think about it.
And don’t look composition and that things too much. Keep in mind that I am new in that “bussines” and have MUCH to learn!

I must tell that all things I made myself. :slight_smile:

Here is one octopus. I get the idea from tutorial, but I modified it a little.

Another render from different angle:

And here is a flower. :slight_smile:

So… tell me what do you think.
And… Oh… if you did’t notice… I like toon shading. :slight_smile:

And sorry for my english. :expressionless:


This is great even if it is your first work, good style, the characterisation is great, love the octopus and buck toothed flower.

Ambient Occlusion and toon don’t mix, IMO…

I agree. I was thinking that myself. Toon shading is supposed to be flat. AO is designed for realistic lighting. Turning it off will also speed up your renders a lot.

I like your work though, you have some nice characters.

I actually like it. :smiley:

But yes. Turn off AO, would look much cleaner. :wink:

OK. Here you have it without AO.
Is it better. It is cleaner any maybe really better.

What do you think?


I only think that wood texture doesn’t go with other materials… Maybe plain color would be better? %|


No just take the brightness down.

The brigtness is down now. And I did it for the “grass” on the left too.
And I tried without textures on the treasure now.

Here is the result:

What do you think?


the squidy looks very cute :slight_smile:
same goes for the scene.

nice start with blender and welcome to elysiun

I’m still laughing at the flower, really great idea :smiley:

This is superb for a first work.

Great lighting and great toon shading.
That flower does looks funny…

Oh, and, Erufalion, thanks for stealing my sig :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice images for starters. But with the octopus scene the shadow under it is so noisy it’s bothering.

I take it you didn’t bother reading the whole thread before hitting that beckoning reply button… as usual. %|

I think this is fantastic for your first work. I don’t blame you for fancying toon shading; even though it’s simple, it’s strangely inviting… :slight_smile:

Beautiful for a beginner. In fact, better than than quite a lot of posts around here.

I actually prefer the version with AO. It reminds me of printed comic style.

Very good jobs indeed, they have style. :slight_smile:



Thanks to you all! It’s really good feeling that somebody likes my work. :slight_smile:
So… I quit modifying octopus and I will leave flower alone.
I must say that I became totaly in love with Blender in last days. :slight_smile:

You’ve seen my first work in 3D graphics… I’m sure that there is much to come from me.
I hope that I will become as good as some of you are.

Thanks again!


Well, we hope to see more from you!