My First Work

I’m new in blender. I begun two month ago and now I tring to reproduce my future apartment. Please, suggestion and criticts.



Looks like your off to a good start , i think the proportions may a bit off ,the oven looks too low to the ground , lights maybe hang down a bit far could bang your head on them, but aside those picky type things keep it up.

for a first project thats quite impressive! The models seem ok, but you might want to consider adding more detail to them (this will slow everything down a lot). The lamps do look a little low, you should mabye consider the height of the average person when designing and scaling your parts. Good work though, and keep on Blending

XrQLz :wink:

Very impressive indeed for a first project. Now you could try to do a radiosity render of it. And afterwards put some lamps that only affects speculars. It would make it look photoreal.