My first work

I am 15 years old and I’m learning 3d art, this was my first project with cycles render, please leave suggestions,visit my blog for a better view this image thank you :slight_smile:


Tutorial? or on your own?

I made it my self without any tutorial. ; )

I studied the material in forums, modeling was done only with the model sheet without using turoriais;)

Pretty good for your age but everything seems to be floating above the ground a bit. Your grungetexture is also repeating a lot and your model has some pinching here and there that could be fixed with some support loops.
Maybe you could try to make the lighting a bit more interesting by dividing the lightsources into different directions, colours and intensities.

Just in case you think I’m harsh I’m just trying to help you improve. That’s what we’re here for.

Anyway it’s quite well done overall and way better than what I started out with for sure.
Keep it up and we’ll see great things from you yet!

thank you for your suggestions, I know they intend to help;)

I started using Blender when I was 15 which was 15 years ago LMAO. Good job on the first render. I think the gun is a bit too thin. Its not beefy enough and doesn’t give that “powerful” feeling. You might want to rethink about the front grip, it just doesn’t look too comfy when you hold on to it.

Keep it up!

Hey, That’s pretty cool!
I did something similar when I was 15/16, (I’m 17 now).
you can check mine out here:

your’s looks pretty amazing. especially the modelling.

That’s pretty good!

I’m 13 =D
I start with 3D and Blender in 2009.