my first yafaray render

so i finally got yafaray to work, i love it, and here’s my first render, it’s 1280 x 1024 so it’s kind of a wallpaper… it took 35 minutes to render…

great for a first time!

Oooowwwww :eek: Nice work!

total awesomeness

Mmmh, am I the only one asking myself “whatizit”? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, But it still looks good

I think it looks great. Now you need to render it 1920x1080 for my computer screen. Besides taht, how did you make it? It looks like softbodys. I’d love to make a bubble-ish BG for my computer.

looks nice man :smiley: great start!

tnx everybody! @fake: it’s a particle fountain with just a few spheres as particle objects…

and i think i’ll use this topic to post my other yafaray tests…