My First Year with Blender

A compilation of my works from my first year using blender.

So it has been a year… It all started when I was browsing r/art and thought “Wonder if I could make these”. I chose to learn Blender because 1- I could not do 2D as I did not have a tablet and 2-it was free. Since then I have touched almost all fields except Grease Pencil and VFX (I wish to in the future). It only takes me only about 10 days after I finish a project to think “Thats pretty terrible, what was I thinking?” .I still haven’t given any piece more than 5 days. Presently I am doing figure sculpting and likeness sketches with pencil.

But it does get hard at times and I am compelled to think what am I doing. I live in a kind-of backward (thinking) society where these “off the well-tread road” jobs are not common. My parents don’t know any of this and as far as they know I am just another kid obsessed with playing “games” that harm your cognitive ability and eyesight. I am sure they would support me if I told them but that would be pretty awkward. I would love to use a tablet for sculpting and digital 2D but I can’t, you can guess why.

The community at BlenderArtists (especially the lovely people at Weekend Challenges) inspires and encourages me to keep moving forward. At the end of the day, I use Blender because I love to and I hope this love propels me make higher quality art.