My First......

hi, been a while since my post of an actual wip, i tend to send em straight to the finished :D.

ok this is my first head .

and a body

i don’t want any c&c on the body cause i gonna remake it. this is my first try at head/body so don’t be too mean :frowning:

Nice beginning Grimreaper. The body looks quiet nice too, maybe sometimes a little squary but well that can be fixed. :smiley: The face looks also really nice. Keep blending :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks Jd, so shal ikeep the body and just update it alot?
thanks keep em coming…

Use Photobucket for the images please, because I can oonly see the face and it loads really slowly.

The lips seem to go out too far, and they are kind of squarey.

The nose also seems to be getting pinched by an invisible hand.

lol, thanks for the tips/crits R2blend like your avatar :D. ill try to fix the nose, i already new bout the lips lol

good start. The legs look good, but maybe some more knees in there.

thanks Falgor ill update you with them when i get round to them, right now im on the nose and lips with r2’s tips (hehe that rhymes :D)

hey grim this is really making a transformation since the last time iv saw it cant see no crits atm


AHAH!!! you are fudge lol im confused :frowning: , thanks for the crit dude :smiley: well not a crit more like erm a compliment :D:D ok cya guys/gals tomro

i cant see the face…broken link?

hi,try right click - show image, it seems to happen alot lol, ok im going again. ps. hows everybody doing?

lol im ok thanks tho i just had a long hard punishing day at school lolwhat about yourself?


yea just got home …skool sux lol, got any more crits? ill have ab update soon.


tell me what you think r2/ppl is it any better or worse lol? ill have a new update asap.
ps .
man i got a headache.

This looks good, but looks good. keep on working :slight_smile:

yer and the only reason you replyed is cause i made you haha :smiley: lol, thanks dude.

hi new update

tweak abit and added material
CRITS PLZ :smiley:

i like how this is turning out, Hope it turns out Good :stuck_out_tongue:

:o thanks J. :smiley: it will i bet it will, i will bet , $5.00 enough :smiley:

I like this! :slight_smile: The material is really good, just take off some gloss.

I love the model maybe except for the mouth. Try tweaking that and if it gets fine, it’ll be a smashing model!

You’re doing a great progress in 3D! :slight_smile: