my first

this my first blender render or something or other

you like:)

maybe you improve the lightning??


i don’t see anything worng with the light but thats just me

What ray depth have u used? Increase it if its still at default 2, to maybe 6 to get rid of the blackness. Also, and an environment map for reflections on the glass. Also, change your light from a Sun to an area light to soften the shadows. Turn on ‘Ray Shadow’ for the area light, turn the samples up to 8 and turn on Umbra.
Thats it.

And maybe make a scene, so we dont see the entire background:)

Looking sweet for your first. I’d do some of the changes the guy suggested, but thats not to say it isn’t sweet for a first render. Keep it up man.

Looks like some funky modern glasses that would be a bit difficult to drink out of. Personally I would increase the size of the floor pIane to cut out all or most of the background world colour and maybe try swiching on Ambient Occlusion in the world buttons, it would probably make the render look much better with the minimum of effort. Good luck with blender in the future.