My first

Started with the table lamp which I have on my desk, the rest just happened, don’t know why!


Really nice work. Keep it up

Thanks for the encouragement, when I was young I wanted to be an architect but cannot draw, my drawings are so bad even my stick people rub themselves out. Thanks to Blender and the artists forum I can see that if I stick with it I will be able to enjoy something I have no talent for.

Not bad at all! Good job! (could be made better though, dont know exactly how though, but i think this has a feeling of emptiness to it)

I like the lamp btw

The modelling looks really good, nice attention to detail.

Texturing could use some work - bricks need a bump map, chair legs have what looks like distortion where the texture wraps around.

Only other thing is that it doesn’t look like the visible lamps are what is lighting the scene. I think it could look a bit more real if you removed the off-camera backup light and used just the corner, desk and computer lights.

2.5 has some good indirect lighting that could work with this scene I think.

Thanks for the tips and comments, the way I see it is that anybody can learn to model but the real skill lies in textures and lighting. I am trying to get competent in the modelling before I start putting real effort into the textures and lighting areas.

An external renderer would be the best thing for this scene. Normal maps on the walls would do some good.

Fine piece, but a long way to go.

Nice work. I want that corner lamp for my office.

Nice work indeed.
What about the floor ?