My firsts projects...

I only use Blender since a few months, here are the 2 best pictures i made so far.

Any comments/suggestions are welcome!

i like ur modeling on the room but i think it could use some metal texture; it looks kind of plastic right now. :smiley:

Ahah, the little hedgehog is really nice :slight_smile: Maybe you could include it on a little scene, in a child bedroom with other toys for example?

I like a little less the other room, (even if the modeling is good, the light and materials need work, but well, that’s a good scene anyway :wink: ). I think you used a spotlight with “bufshadows” to create the shadows, because there’s no shadow at the bottom of the blue chair (try to increase a bit the value of “Clipstart” to remove that problem, or use “Rayshadows” instead).
And as emfrobia said, you could try to make some things look like metal (use raymirror, and don’t forget to click on the “ray” button on the render panel)