My Fist Post

Hello friends i’am a new member of blenderartists …
this is my first Post .
thanks you so much

profile name melendez :smiley:

looks good for first work! (posted that is)

Being an avid guitar player, i’d only suggest a few things to drive this to excellence :slight_smile:

1: Texuring a woodgrain on the body & kneck
2: The kneck woodgrain is going to need to be done with a mix node and a dark brown color to change the hue of the woodgrain, but from far away you may never see it. . . so it might just be overkill.
3: I cant tell if its perspective view or not, but the head needs to be angled down from the perspective of the kneck. all heads (including acoustics/classicals) are angled down in a slight manor. . . electric guitars are more pronounced.
4: See if you can get a pick gaurd on the lower section of the body, under the pickup hole. a plane with thickneses and a high sheen should do the trick, and in fact the overall body should have a high sheen (minus the kneck that is)

good job man, these arent negative points, just poilnts to drive the image to perfection!!! Overall it looks great!

thanks you guy :smiley: