My Fliuds don't my obsticals?

When I try to do a fluid simulation, the fluid never fully touches the obstacles. Instead, it sort of randomly hovers over top of it in a very bad way. I’ll post an example blend. If you could look at it and point me to why it is so messed up, that would be greatly appreciated.

PS it’s not just the quality settings, because it doesn’t hit the obstacle in the render either.


Stream thing.blend (237 KB)

Your domain resolution is probably way too low. The default is 50. First thing try increasing to 200-250. This requires more memory and is slower. Increasing the resolution further will get to a point where it will take too long to calculate or blender will crash if its too high.

Also read the wiki or tutorials to understand read-world size and fluid simulation times if you want to have a good fluid simulation. The default numbers are not realistic for your attached blend. Also Ctrl+A for all objects to ensure they have a scale of 1, otherwise you may get odd results.


I have set the quality up that high before, didn’t do a thing, the fluid was still arbitrarily floating above my obstacle.

It will never touch exactly the surface, that is how the simulation is calculated. The higher the resolution the closer it will be. At a res of 50, believe me it will always look awful. If you couldn’t tell the difference I’m truly amazed. Make sure you change the the preview in the 3d view to final from preview or you won’t see a difference.

You need to understand how the fluid sim works and what the numbers mean (read the wiki) . It is not real life just a simulation and to get a believable result you need to sometimes fake it. Don’t just rely on the sim to be like real life because it isn’t. It’s all about getting the best out of what you have. The higher the res, the higher the fidelity of the resultant fluid.


No, I’m serious, I try to make a cup, the water never even gets into the cup, no mater how high the quality is. I’ve spent 4 weeks trying to get this to work before i posted this question.

I’ve updated your blend to get the fluid flow.

Stream thing updated.blend (52.9 KB)

The animation is with a low fluid res of just 100 (to reduce the bake time). Increase to 175 - 200 or higher to get a much better flow and a closer match to the shape of your obstacles.