My fluid simulation looks really weird? ( Video included )

Hey everybody! im kinda new to blender & 3D but im learning it.
I thought i wanted to try out the fluid simulation’s. so i followed the blender wiki guide,
But my results are not what they should be? it just looks like a little splat of water. not something like shown in the tutorial pictures :S

Please watch the movie and tell me what im doing wrong :o;7751397;;/fileinfo.html

Mathias :slight_smile:

Yep, you really DO need help on this one!
There were quite a few things that went very wrong:

  1. Don’t use Videos if not necessary! You could have discribed your problem and offer a .blend file, that whould have been much easier for everyone.
  2. Size: Do NOT expect for ANYONE to download a 110 mb movie for such a little problem!
  3. Compression: 1280*1024 full resolution video??? High framerate aswell? This is Madness!! It increases your filesize like crazy and no PC can play it! I have a 2Ghz computer with 512mbRam and had about 2fps… There are so many better ways to do that! There is even a tutorial about making video tutorials, that could have helped you a LOT.

Hope that helpes! :slight_smile:

oh, and btw, go and inform yourself about the “resolution” values just underneath that “bake” button.

Ohh lol sorry bout all those things.;7752830;;/fileinfo.html
Here’s the blend file, i hope that’ll be more helpfull?

Your cup was not enabled as an obstacle, and your resolution wasn’t high enough. I find that the resolution needs to be at least 70 to register collisions with some accuracy.

Thanks alot :slight_smile: i will try that out! :slight_smile: