My Foot rig is good just one small quesiton.

I’m not very knowledgeable about rigs…I’m mostly taking the info from videos and trying to make it apply to my model.

I’ve gotten close to what I want but I’m stuck.

if I raise his hips the lower leg comes up but the foot and toe bone stay. I want the foot and toe bone to stay with the upward z axis location.

I may explain this poorly, please bear with me…I am only a small egg with rigging.

I can use the IK Ankle Bone to raise up the lower leg and foot and toe…that works fine…I just don’t know how to get that same result from the Hip.

I’ll post more if I’ve not been asking clearly…sorry if this is not the best way to ask for help.



I change the foot parent to the lower leg…duh!

Somehow I messed that up.

seems to be working just fine now.

so many hours to find it was this silly.

Well now I feel good but also dumb.


its funny,

after i careful complied all the data in order to ask my question, the answer just flew together.

Very odd but pleasant at the same time.