I’m starting another game project that I’m going to try and finish! :smiley:

I’ve got most of the first level done and concepts for the 2nd. I’ve got most of the story and all the game play down.

in the last picture there are some grease pencil drawing in it and I shall tell you what they are. the two down on the walls are doors that will be added and the one up on the wall is one of those fire exit things.

Things I might need help with latter are

modling people

Character: ATW MARK 2 (Anti Terrorist Weapon Mark 2)
A biogeneticly engineard human being used

The ATW is sort of like a SPARTAN from halo just less tank like. his armor is a light armor and only holds up to smaller bullets (still only to a certan extent). it also has a shock reduser which alows for him to jump from high ledges (up to 50 feet ) with out getting hurt. in the arm of the suit is a life suport systom that will heal small wonds such as a small bullet whole but it can only heal so much befor it runs out of battry and needs to recharge.


Here are the concepts I have so far


That’s looking pretty good. I hope you finish it, good luck.

Added a door and fire exit to wall. I’m having trubble with the police car though… I can’t get the texture right:(


okay… so… my family recently adopted 3 kids from ghana africa… and it’s causing my house to be kinda bussy sooooooooo. I’m having truble keeping a game going and it’s making me look like those noobs you see allthe time on here who have no clue what they’re doing and yeah… so I’m going to hold off on any games for awhile and just for the next few months just do concepts and storys and all that stuff… I’ll probly pick this one back up some time but at the moment I can’t get enough time to work on it :frowning:

so I’ll see you all soon :yes:

Good luck with your new sibs =D

thanks! :smiley:

yeah the map looks nice hope you finish it