My free services (management, advices ...) =)

I want to collect some more experience in (project)management and also in consulting (websites - choosing the right / best solutions, website security, data rescue, virus removal and much more …) so I give here these services currently for free to you.

Just let me know if I could help you with one or more of these things =)

Thanks! It’s just days like these I feel priviledged to be a blender user.

I don’t need these services just yet…but will consult you if I do.

By the way, I have one particular family member who loves to click on random “free” things on the 'net and occasionally we find our default internet exploring search engine being changed to stupid “Babylon Toolbar” or something horrible…just a rant if you are prepared to read…

Thanks that’s great. I like to help solving problems, giving advices and share my knowledge =)

Added (again) video cutting / editing =)