My friend should be an artist, what do you think?

A friend of mine asked me if I could make a render of his professional paintings in a gallery, so I did!

Now this is what I call art!

here my favorite piece:

Don’t be mad on me, just did this for fun… :stuck_out_tongue:

What…the fuck…is that man…doing to that Duck!!!

EDIT: Ok…im pretty sure that the stick figure in the top left is raping a duck?

Your friend is an artist! Right up there with Pollock and that dude who did ‘Jesus Christ’s Visit to Berlin’ in the Getty!

What…the %#@! that man…doing to that Duck!!!

OMG I didn’t notice that upon first glance. Absolutely ROFLMFAO now!

peter18 your observant reply has made my day! OMG I can’t stop laughing.

Poor duck!


Edit: OK, now I notice the tongue dude has his balls out or something. And is that cooked duck???

WTF is this? X-rated kindergarden art? Somebody has issues. Or a brilliant sense of comedy. Which is it?

I think that ‘favorite piece’ is some commentary on contemporary programming; garbage in - garbage out. Why do issues and a brilliant sense of comedy have to be mutually exclusive? Ever met a stand up comedian in real life? Talk about issues… :spin:

Yeah, you are right. I totally agree. Unless this was done by a child. Then I would worry. That’s what I was thinking. If not then I suppose this artist may on to something. Or not. The real comedy was the presentation here along with peter18’s reply. Caught me totally off-guard. I’m still laughing every time I read it…

What…the %#@! that man…doing to that Duck!!!

This has got to be the BA Forums quote of the year. I want to put it in my signature.


Edit: OK Orinoco I see now, that’s not balls that’s his feet. I get it now. But what’s with the duck?

I think I may have Duck related nightmares now! Glad my comment made you laugh :slight_smile:

the author is 17, and the duck is alright, I actually think it’s more than alright, but, I’m not the one to judge…

But…his penis is in the ducks butt!!

yeah, like why shouldn’t the duck enjoy it? I don’t understand…