My friend's portrait need critique

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Hi everyone,
i started on my friend portrait and i reached a point where everything is fine but something wrong, you know what i mean, so i hope some portrait expert give me some tips, i’m new to the realism thing


i need some tips for the studio lighting and the clothing as well.

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more images

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any critiques at this point??

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Hopefully I can help you out a little bit. You got the bulk of the likeness down already but I think half the reason why you feel stuck so far is because of your render. Go into your scene render settings and use a clay material for everything. The colors of the skin and hair are distracting this early in the process and makes it seem worse than it actually is (cause it looks good in the comparison picture).

Here’s what I usually use:

A clay shader will help you fill out your basic forms cause that’s what will determine how realistic this will look in the end. Google celebrity sculptures like Robin Williams to get what I’m talking about.

Other than that:

  • The eyes are too big, make them smaller and if you’re worried that it won’t match your references, adjust the focal length of your camera and viewport, that should compensate.
  • He needs more forehead and a slightly receding hairline in the shape of a heart.
  • This bust is missing the caruncle at the inside corner of the eyes
  • His facial hair could use some work. From what I can tell, the flow of his hair is right but it’s too long.
  • His beard could be a little bit messier (like maybe go into the children settings and adjust the randomness)
  • His eyebrows stretch too far around his head. Trim it down a bit.
  • There’s a triangular split between his mustache from what I can tell and there’s a gap between his beard and the soul patch under his lip.
    I did some quick photoshop work on his facial hair and eyebrows so you can see what I mean.

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Some basics, I say focus on these, forget about hair stuff and all that jazz

Craniumium (non facial part of the head) is small, missing brows (not eyebrows), cheekbones are wrong, temples are wrong, the mouth is not aligned in the face (draw a line from the corners vertically).

Work in polygon mode, disable subdivision, keep it as simple as possible.

Most likely the profile has issues, if you post some profiles that would be better.

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Pretty much @MesaPhysical hit the nail on the head here. And if you are using 2.79 then in the preferences addons type clay in the search. Select clay render and you will be able to render out a clay rendering without having to create the clay material. However the clay rendering won’t show in a render preview (shift+Z) you have to physically render it out. But if you are flipping between screen rendering and edit mode then MesaPhysical node setup will allow viewing with viewport rendering. Keep with it.

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@MesaPhysical : thank you very much you’re right i will do that and add some wrinkles in the forehead and eye area i wish it would be in the features section when i’m done :blush:
@kkar : thanks try to be more specific please i couldn’t understand all this tell me about the mouth??
@FlyingBanana : thank you very much.
i’m having some animation work on my channel i invite you to see it when i’m done i will go back to it :

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I think I can explain what @kkar was saying:

  • Cranium: The forehead is too short vertically and I think his forehead curves outward a little bit but I can’t really tell without a side view of his head. Pull the crown of his head up and recced his hairline.
  • Missing Brows: There’s bone and muscle that lay behind the eyebrow that make out the form of the brow, causing it to protrude out a little. Feel your own eyebrows and notice how fleshy and bony it is.
  • Cheekbones: Above the cheekbone needs skin and muscle to rest on top of it. Below the cheekbone should be slightly hollowed out to separate that part form the jaw.
  • Temples: Carve into the sides of his forehead between the corner of his eyes and the the start of this hairline.
  • Mouth: This one’s kinda hard. I think what they’re trying to say is to get the right proportions, draw a vertical line so it fits between the corner of his mouth and the inside corner of the iris.

Another tip, exaggerate your forms a little bit more than you would feel comfortable with. Your render and lighting will wash away some of that extra detail you put in. If you think your head in the viewport looks better than the render, this is usually why.

A lot of the more specific details are hard to describe in written words (at least for me anyways :expressionless:) so here are some references I usually use.

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Thanks, he focused on features way too much and resemblence has nothing to do with the features when it comes to likeness of someone.

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ok thank you everyone i will do all what you said thanks so much for proportions i think male and female have different ones for exemple i mentioned that women’s mouth doesn’t get too prominent and the nose is kind of smoother and little smaller i measured my friend’s face and it was like so
head 24-2
nose 5-3
eye 4
shine nose 7
mouth 2-6 2mm
and need more adjustment
thanks helped lot

(kkar) #11

I recommend you to study from a good book. Construction from photographs is only meant for experienced artist if you will.

This is the de facto all around book on head construction guide for artists. Study this book (draw his illustrations) 50 times back and forth then you can model any head you want