my galerie with Cycles

Hi! every time i try my old models in Cycles, i cry!
this one is the spidey i’ve posted on Blend swap. It’s been hard to find the good way to manage all textures. i post here my settings. you’re welcome if it’s not the good way.
I had to use:UV ambient,UV normal map (the body shapes),UV bump on the webs,UV specularity on the web, bump from a standard square texture of carbon fiber.

excuse me. do you think it can be posted on blend swap like this, or are the settings wrong?

good evening. An other reboot with cycles with my old Wall-E

honestly, fabulous works

Great work! The modeling and textures look really good! My only complaint is the backgrounds-- especially on spider man. I think they would both be a little stronger as images with more care to where they are placed. To me the spider man would be better with much less background so you can focus on the figure more. Besides that they look really good! Well done!

Very nice… great model… great texture…

Thanks for the Cycles node post…

can we see wires on the model?

Thank you guys!
FXR; your comment is great!
Ibycus: you’re totally right. i can now have good lightings with Cycles, the next step should be the backgrounds…
Norvman; Hope these settings are right. here are the wire views!

very nice… hey if you need a tut on tank tread Rigging check my youtube site…

Thanks! i watched the first video (you take your time…:wink: ) I did something like that, but sometimes it bugs when i rotate. i’m going to try with your settings.

an other cycles test…can’t stop to render this girl…:spin:

I still have a bug…the lighting settings i can see in the ‘render’ real time window has more light than the rendering…what do i miss?

Well. i watched the second video. i’m quitly deceived…your solution is like mine…a trick…
I solved the rotation problem by making only one part linked with the curve, and then duplicated this rig the same number that i had to ad parts. i gave an offset at each part.then i can animate freely…but it’s boring!!!

this one has a better render. The background helps!

I really like the models! Well done! I would work a bit more on the background…expecially the angle behind Spidy it’s not so cool as the character is :slight_smile:

Like these models, i tought i had seen spidey in blendswap somewhere…

well, thanks!
Happy you’ve seen my spidey on Blend swap. did you use it?

The Tank Track tutorials are a set of 8 total tutorials that progressively get more complex… If the tutorials run too slow and are boring… I really can’t help you there… most of the people who have watched these have wanted them to be slow enough so that they could follow the logic of the Rigging construction… So…

please believe me i’m sorry! didn’t want to hurt you. i was just deceived because i searched the graal: how to rotate a curve rig! i’ve done some tutorials too…and i know how much it’s hard to practice and to record both.
I’ll watch the others 7!

the nude version. i’m sad i haven’t set properly the feathers, as i have an alpha texture for those…

Very nice models. I wouldn’t spend too much time on improving the background - blur them out if they are an issue; it’s the models you’re showing. I really like the style of these characters. They have their own kind of personality about them. The girls hands & feet are rather oversized - is that intentional? Maybe Wall.E’s treads could sag a bit more as well. Each to their own - these models are very nice. Topology is quite nicely balanced as well. Great work.

i’m really very touched by your comment Lancer. Well, hands wereat a time the way i thought proportions should be…i still discover!

man these are all so incredible!