My Gallery, Online again! Updated 12/03 !!!

Hi all!!

Finally, after a long time, i finished with my gallery, is very simple, just some renders of some characters (not all…)

well, i hope you like it!



You certainly have a very special gift!


Awesome stuff man, I love your style; your Blender work is certainly high quality.
Keep it up bro.


Good job, it’s very easy to view the images, navigate and understand - even though I don’t know your language. :wink:

I like to see a good gallery. :slight_smile:

Your characters deserve a nice home. Very nice site, clean and colorful. The characters’ expressions are so unique and enjoyable.

One thing about Pajarrito (just on the characters page) is that on my flat panel lcd he seems (from the neck up) to disappear into the white background of the page. Nothing major, but I thought you might want to know.

Well I do hope you have plans for more animations because these characters have tremendous potential.

Looking forward to more,


I agree with the language, but it’s so easy to look around you don’t need to understand it. You have a very unique style.

woow thanks!!! im glad you like it! and understeand it, 'cause i dont know to much english… so i decided to put just the most important thing in english, and all the other in my language (spanish hehe, im argentinian) so anyway, i’ll try to translate all the other text later…

RobertT, thanks for that advice, is good that you tell me how the page looks in others resolutions and screens… ‘cause i work in 800x600 in a 15’ monitor… so i cant imagine how it will look for each visitant.

** Oh! an update!!

  • Added a video from Zanno, he is jumping!! (thanks ZanQdo), take a look!!!

Thanks again to all

You’re a talented character designer, like Basse - you’re in a league of
your own and have your own style. I like it. :smiley:

This is very impressive. Both the website design - as Robertt said - clean, tidy with a great use of color and the characters.

You have a coherrent style which is simple, stylish and expressive. They are simply begging to be animated. Have you got a nice story yet?

I’m curious as to whether you are hoping to get a job in the animation industry or are doing this purely for fun?

Beautiful work and a nice website, too. I admire your character design and their eleagnt look.

Ah, I see Ampoman breaks the ‘no specular’ barrier ;).

I’m looking forward to see more from you…

I was waiting for a gallery from you!
Like i said, you have a fan… and not only one.

Keep on!! :smiley:

With your unique style, lightning and characters you’re a real example for all us Blenderheads. I’m glad to see your work in a gallery it deserves.

Great work!

how excelent I LOVE your works… realy expressives and greate caracters… EXCELENT…


I hope you’re not bored with people telling you that this stuff is great - it’s great! Muy bien!

I agree with the others about your work… nice!

My only thot on the website is that you should control the background color on your pages to match the white of your images… don’t assume that everyone’s colors are set to default white for the background of their browser. (If you have this controlled already, then the color isn’t quite the same as the background of your images, so you can see their “outlines”…) Otherwise, very nice!

I agree, your work is great. One small crit though, you should force your background to be white. I am getting the default gray so the page looks a bit choppy. I think you intended the default bg to be white.


venomgfx: I like your way of modeling those characters. The smoothness, colors and expresions are just great. You could find a job with that anywhere in a 3d company I think. Really good style of modeling and using those blender features.

I was really impressed by those characters and just foudn out that this is a style I was looking for. Simple modeling, but subsurf does the job included the materials.

I would ask you, could you make a tutorial about how you model those characters and what kind of materials you give them. It would be cool to describe in that tutorial to make something like that carrot character, simple, looks easy (not :slight_smile: ) and just so smooth.
If you feel something to donate a tutorial to the community, I and many another people whould love that.
It could be an awesome tutorial about toon character style modeling iin Blender.

I hope you’ll feel intrested in this, if you english isn’t that good, I’m there to help you creating that tutorial. Keep up that good blender modeling, I know we have an another great artist here. 8)

Greetz JD-Multi, another user inspirated by your work :stuck_out_tongue:

duuude! era hora!!! jajaja

pero, a valentino en un render le clavaste la palita en la espalda! animal!

Maludo is my favorite… reminds me of my dog :slight_smile: good job… great design.

Hello venomgfx!

Wow, that is some of the best stuff I’ve seen from Blender.

Is there a chance to get a tutorial from you about how you modelled, textured and lighted these cool things? Or even a scene for download?
My wife and me are very impressed. Cool stuff (not only) for kids.

Best wishes, FRitzman