Hey everyone,

I’ve just stuck a couple of projects in my gallery. In fact, they’re the only two things in my gallery at the moment. Here’s the link to the gallery:

This link directs you straight to the Flash File…



Well, not much to see :frowning:

Not really worth making a whole topic for it, you should put it into your signature with a link and a small description, then once you get around 10 pictures or a couple games on it, you can create a topic about it :smiley:

What did you think about the two projects I have in there?


Well, I like the wireframe one :slight_smile: It looks very nice, but the blender wallpaper one is kinda off by it’s colours, good modeling done for it though :slight_smile:

Actually I think this should be in the off-topic forum or perhaps the blender general forum because I don’t see how this relates to the blender game engine :-? except for the motorbike piture, but the topic isn’t really focused around that.


Well, too me the TeraHappy: AI controlled rabbit looks alot like a motorbike %| Sorry i didn’t see the name come up earlier :expressionless:

But now I can see how its a bunny :slight_smile:

That’s cool… Thanks for the suggestion. I put the link in my signature… That’s a good idea…