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these are some works done in blender 2.49 and render the Yafaray, hope you like


more images


Awesome stuff, so realistic and full of details.
Bravo! :slight_smile:

thanks for comment.Carrozza

some more images


I hope you like it


i notice you do a lot of indoor scenes, why not try one outdoors looking into a messy garage? it would kinda be a hybrid between outside and inside, that way you can work on both at the same time?

Great images! Looks like Blender is used more and more in archviz, as it should be :slight_smile:

thanks for commenting, I still intend to do an outdoor scene

thanks for commenting…

your welcome, i would bvery much like to see a speed video of you setting up one of your scenes

do you model everything as you go? or model it all, then choose placement in the end?

Wo, this is fantastic (and very realistic) your clearly a great modeler and texture-er. You should now make a sci-fi model world or something, because these images are great but they aren’t exciting, anyway great work, keep it up :wink:

this is a making of what I did at the beginning of my studies in blender

Great images man. Do you do this for a living?

There are some gallery worthy pics in here.

Good archi you have here. When I was working for a firm in NYC, some of your renders could have easily compared to some of the work the crew was making with Max and Vray.

Keep up the good work.

I would like but it’s just a learning, thanks for comment

thanks for commenting, glad you enjoyed

thanks for commenting, glad you enjoyed

BAM! 2.49 rocks!!! I still use it… :smiley: Also, that is the most realistic thing I’ve ever seen.