My Game Idea


Set in the year 2075 where technology is everywhere you look. Everybody is happy, unaware that in Uboglia (A country that originated in 2050 in part of modern day Russia) has created a weapon. A super weapon. This weapon is technologically far beyond nuclear weapons. It is something the world has never seen. It is the atomic bomb of its time. In an attempt to destroy its enemies halfway across the world Uboglia launches the weapon at them, unaware of what may happen when it blows up. When it impacts (let’s say America) it sends a blast all around the world. It has many different rings of the blast, each more powerful and with different chemicals in each ring. Mostly everybody dies. However, the people that survived have powers. Each ring you were in gives you different powers. That’s how they got their powers. Most turned angry and started a villain ruled government. However, there was a resistance. The resistance leader, a leader from the villain government escaped and in hiding, has learned the secrets to leveling their powers, creating armor to enhance their powers, and secrets about the corrupt government that if he dies they shall be lost forever due to nobody else knowing about them.


  • Knight Class -

Paladin: Using close combat with a Sword and Shield & fury gained per kill.
Warrior: Using close combat with a Two-Handed Sword & fury gained per kill.
Lancer: Using close combat with a Spear & fury gained per kill.

  • Wizard Class -

Aqua Wizard: Using a Double Wand to attack at any range & magic gained per kill.
Fire Wizard: Using a Staff to attack at any range & magic gained per kill.
Earth Wizard: Using a Wand and Shield to attack at any range & magic gained per kill.

  • Ninja Class -

Rogue: Using close combat with a Dagger & energy gained per kill.
Bowman: Using distance with Bow and Arrows & energy gained per kill.
Assassin: Using distance with Shurikens & energy gained per kill.


  • Beasts -

Wolf: Many different types reported, the most common monster in the game.
Gnoll: Mostly found in groups, some cases of magical abilities.
Myrm: A vicious worm with four small legs, found in various sizes/groups.
Golem: A stone beast summoned by the corrupted to fight by their side.
Levati: A two footed sea-creature, cases of close combat and magical abilities.

  • Humanoids -

Undead: A decayed human that feasts off your flesh, very slow.
Scavenger: A human that can be found in groups or alone, never to be trusted.
Creature: Found in many different forms and figures, crazed for blood.
Corrupted: A wizard-like soldier with no soul. Can summon a Golem for a pet.
Traitor: A human who hunts other humans.


Wizard Class - Element Idea: Wizard Classes will consist of one element, example… if you picked Aqua then that would be your main element in the game. However some items for your class will consists of two elements, example… Aqua & Fire, giving you fire damage on top of your aqua capabilities allowing you to inflict extra damage.

Character Customization - Male/Female: All Classes should have the choice of male or female, facial features and defers in the body are not important, but if we can implement it without hassle then we definitely should take it upon ourselves to improve the game.

Money - Earning Money: Money should drop from monsters and gained through quests, maybe other ways can be added like a merchant lottery system of some kind. Of course this wouldn’t be necessary.


Hello, my name is Bryce. I’m 18 and planning on going back to school very soon, I had bad medical problems which caused me to take a few years off and experience the work life. I have been wanting to design a game for a long time now and would love to have a team that would be willing to use the ideas below and design them into a game. Now I haven’t got any pictures but I do have them in my head still, I have designed my own texture pack for Minecraft which was 32x32. I was hoping to have this game top view or maybe a view like Diablo 2, however I was thinking even a 2D left to right style game would be cool as well. I’d prefer for this game to run for the iOS or PC. Maybe even both. Whatever you’re more comfortable with between those two sounds best. I’ll continue to add some more information for as to what I would like. Please contact me, and wait for my approval before you use any of my material. If you have any questions please post below in the comments section or e-mail me.

My Email: [email protected]

I’m browsing this constantly hoping for a reply.

It seems unlikely that you will get a serious reply to this. The problem is that developing any kind of game is a massive amount of work esp for 1 person. You are asking somebody to give up all their free time for a year+ to work on your game for you when they could be building their own game and not bringing a lot in return.

You are more likely to get volunteer effort on little projects that somebody can bang out in a few hours while they are stuck on their main project.

I’m not expecting it to be the best game, I just need some guidance. Perhaps somebody out there needs somebody like me. I’m simply posting my idea and seeing what results pop-up.

I am also not impressed by your game idea, because it reads like a mashup between some Blizzard Games (Diablo 1-3 and World of Warcraft).
In other words, i can’t see any creative idea or anything that doesn’t already excist.
I also think you dont made any thought about how complex and difficult your idea is.

And i also dont see the need of another game in that style. There are already enough clones, like:
Path of Exile, Torchlight, Dungeon Siege, Drakensang Online, Magicka, Mythos, Titan Quest, Sacred, aso

You haven’t given us any clues as to any of the storyline, which is probably one of the most important aspects of a game. You’ve got a list of classes and monsters - and that’s great - it just doesn’t make much (if any) sense if there’s no story with it. People will be much more likely to volunteer their time if they know the project that they’re working on has a good, original story.

Also, like cerfribar touched on, there are a lot of medieval style games. I personally wouldn’t go near a project that has so much competition already.

If you give a little more insight, then sure, people will more than likely be happy to put their time into something. (:

I’ve put lots of thought into this actually, … sure there isn’t a story-line but that’s mainly because I haven’t even got pictures down or the story-line created. Like I mentioned above “Now I haven’t got any pictures but I do have them in my head still”… It would be easy for me to draw this down if I knew what the person I’m looking for is capable of doing. I won’t make this a giant project that will make your life crazy busy. I understand that it’s risky to design such a game, but growing up… this was my favorite type.

It’s frustrating to me when you say “I am also not impressed by your game idea, because it reads like a mashup between some Blizzard Games (Diablo 1-3 and World of Warcraft).” It’s going to be nothing like them, sure it has some historical creatures that are also in World of Warcraft but the Leviathan is a creature known by man… not some false fake creature made-up by Blizzard.

Flat 2D scrollers, are not typical for blender, i think if you want to make something like that.
You could start from scratch and learn a programming language C# or c++
If you dont need an .exe do something with pygame (python based) although even that can be turned into executables.

However i think it might be better for you to work a bit with some game creator software, because then you will learn a bit to shape your ideas on games. If you want to realy learn it, then i would recommend pygame, its true that games can be made on top of blender too…but its not that easy

Please take a look at one of those game creators

I’m not sure what your ideas or goals are into this industry but just forget about people who say there is no market for it.
First you need some experience call it your first game, later you can improve with another game, and at some point you work for a game studio or becomme your own. But be realistic also, you dont have the marketing like angrybirds or the budget of GTA5
Still however there are a lot smaller games who are pretty addictive… and an easy gameplay and good graphics is all that makes them.

If you realy get into it, and start making games for android or ios then, you’ll get marketing inside your app, or have some paid levels in a free app, because then its about numbers if only 1% will buy the extra levels then it might not sound as much, but if it will be popular like angry birds then that 1% still is worth a fortune.

In other words, play with making games, you might becommme a progammer or designer, and learn about marketing

I’ll check it out, thanks Razorblade. :slight_smile: