My game I'm working on.

(Peter) #1

(Posted this in the “works in progress” but want more comments…)

Would like to get some comments on the games controls, movements, animations, overall functions and the Character. Textures, buildings are temporary, so no need for comments on that.

Thanks / Peter

(saluk) #2

One of the most professional blender games I’ve seen yet. It’s nice to see that people are still working on them. I just hope it doesn’t slow down too bad when you add enemies :frowning:

If you can get by without using armatures for enemies, then you should be able to have more of them in the game without too much slowdown.

The main character is well modeled, and the particles are pretty cool. Keep up the good work!

(Peter) #3

Thanks Saluk!
I’m probebly going with enemys like shoppers, jeeps and tanks. So i’m hoping it wont slow down too mutch.

(bg3D) #4

That is really nice! Could you have an option to invert the mouse? It is hard for me to control. Other than that, I like it alot. Keep t up. FIx that mouse! :smiley:

(iconjunky) #5

Very pleasing indeed!
It ALL works very well for me, and am looking forward to the next instalment. :slight_smile:


ps. I`m for an invert mouse option too! :wink:

(Peter) #6

I will add an option for inverting the mouse. As fast as I can… :wink:

(Pooba) #7

Wow! That’s really nice, I like the mouse as it is, but I know that some people like having up be up and down be down.

Everything is really nice, your character is VERY nicely modeled, I can’t wait until you add some enemies and make a story.

Also, how did you make it so that Escape doesn’t exit?


(Peter) #8


It’s like any other key when you make it an stand-alone game(exe -file)
If you want Esc to shut the game down you have to set Esc to quit-game. (There’s an option for that in Publisher)

(blengine) #9

whoa, very cool gaming so far…looks like its gonna be a great huge level…what are your plot ideas?

(gargola) #10

wow!!! the character looks awesome!!! keep up the good work man! :smiley:

(Klein) #11

The game is great!!!
Was it made with publisher?

(S_W) #12

WOW :o :o
Made with Blender ?!!!
Great work! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Peter) #13

Thanks all!

Yes, the exe-file is created with Blender Publisher, but most of the game is made in Blender Creator.

(Pooba) #14

I want publisher!

(Klein) #15

The collisions-box (or sphere) is much better in publisher than in creator

(Peter) #16

Klein, why is the collision-sphere in Publisher better?

(wes1) #17

:o great game (as we now can see the strenght of blendergame engine)
Nice modeld character wes1 (theblenderfreak)

(Klein) #18

The collisions detection is much better because sometiimes in creator go through walls

(Doc Holiday) #19

To Klein: Make Youre Worls based on Triangles instead of Quads. A Triangle is always flat if You move there Vertex in 3D Space. Not a Quat. Try it with a Pace of Paper. I think that will fix Youre “Ghost” Problem.


(Klein) #20

What is pace paper?
I dont remind me… whats the shortcut to make objects triangular?