My game in Blender

My game in Blender.
Video of my games:
Blender motorbike 1
Blender motorbike 2
Russia 4x4 for Blender
Portal gun for Blender
My 2D shooter
Dead land
Dynamic skeleton for blender2.50
Dynamic skeleton for blender2.50 Play
Car AI for Blender (Test1)
Man and Car for Blender (Test2)
Game Dead Fire in blender
“Dead Fire” test grenades
Hand 3D(New)
Videos will be added:)
Waiting for your comments

Looks like you know how to use the game engine pretty well there Toxa17.

After watching your Motorbike games I long to play Excite bike for the NES…

:eyebrowlift: more similar to elastomania

haha i loved your motor bike 2 game :slight_smile:

The first video has potential

new video of game Hand

Hi there Toxa
Those games are quite nice :slight_smile:

But how did you make the realtime reflection?


For the realtime reflection he may have just used the videotexture module.

The 2nd motorbike game and the 4x4 game look fun, I’d just add some physics, destruction, and lots of scenery, texture, and road variation.

new video of Mini game iPhone

For the Russia 4x4 I get the feeling that the vehicle is floating… Easy to fix that would be to add some shadows… Looks amazing though! Great job!

whats with the youtube with loads of adds? why are you linking us to that?

Many new video! :wink:

yeah he defenetly knows the books hehe ^^
well as a suggestion and maybe for obvious resons u still didnt set the oponents in the Car game right? ok its still a wip so …
but i believe if u add some small details like small map ,the oponents and the gear shifts it would be perfect and such a fun game.just like rally games …if u add some water and mud ,also some smoke around the wheels…well it looks like a promising game!
Congrats dude!!

new video of Piano3D)

New video from the game “Dead Fire”

right on dude!
i just looked again the soldier game and yeah thats awesome and i would defenetly pay for it!
Gratz dude and the piano one looks perfect too and i bet this could be mad fun for the piano players!

New video from the finish game “Hand 3D”
Download here: Hand 3D

Dead Fire looks FUN!!! :smiley:
Also can I download the russian 4x4 game? :smiley:

JESUSFRK14,Unfortunately no, because I have done it long ago

aww ok :stuck_out_tongue:
Are you going to finish Dead Fire? Looks top notch!