My game needs help


Im working on a strategy game/Shoot, loot and quest

And i does need help on how to make it:(
So it would be nice if all of u GE people out there could give me a hand…

The shoot, loot, and quest request:

Is it possible to make missions?
Is it possible to make items?

The strategy request:

Is it possible to make buildings where u can train soldiers from?
Is it possible to make a statistic, where u can see how much food u get, space to people etc.
Is it possible to make a menu where u can make buildings from?
Is it possible to make a menu where u can attack other players?

Connection etc. request:
Is it possible to make an connection, that can connect many players?

If u got some ideas please write them to ideas can be:

questes, clans, citys, instances, areas, and so on

I will soon add some more request :spin:

Hope all of you that love Ge can help me!

Thanks anyways

Everything you requested is possible. I am sure you will find someone to do it for you for $800.

With this i mean How to do it not is it possible: sry made a mistake

If you want to make it yourself than split it intro small pieces and start working. When you find something you don’t know how to make, search for a tutorial or ask for help.
What I see now is that you have an idea in your head but have you made anything so far ?
Most of the things you request are logic and python related, does that mean that the modeling part is finished ?

Yes, most of the things you’ve talked about are coding-related. None of these concepts are impossible to do in Blender, you just have to figure them out. It’s possible to make missions, for example. You just have to use a global variable that designates which mission you’re undertaking and do whatever’s necessary for the mission to work (spawn the special enemy, item, etc.).

Yes, it’s possible.
I will help, here are my main tips; i’m making an FPS at the moment.

  • Divide what you want into manageable sections
  • Decide what’s going to be networked.
  • Work separately from offline and online play.
  • Make sure everything that is going to be networked, such as ammo and units is stored as a “globalDict[“var”]” variable.
  • Use Properties on a soldier if you want it to be copyable, so that you can make multiple instances of it using local properties.

I know its stupid: but, how do i make local properties?

Sry im new at programing :slight_smile:

$800? Sorry I thought he was asking how to make a game, the company I work for does iPhone game development. To have an IPHONE… MOBILE game developed it costs $15,000 - $100,000 per game.

He requested just some elements to be developed, not the whole game. I think $800 is all the money I need to make the few things he specified. It is a different price if he wants a whole game and if he wants to sell it.

Fair enough, for a job like this I’d charge per hour though. $80-$120/h seems fair.

Okay guys i dont wanna pay for this game to be made, just wanna have fun with making it :slight_smile:

Then start following tutorials and make it. People here won’t mind helping some, but you can’t expect to post a feature list and expect someone to write you a custom tutorial for doing everything (or make you a demo of every feature). Especially when you appear like you haven’t touched blender once in your life.

When you post some screenshots of some progress, I will make you ONE tutorial on the subject of your choice.