My game under construction...(Shadow testing)

Hello all, i am making a game almost like diablo.

Here are some screenshots of the game in a Early stage. I will update, more soon…

For the Shadows i used a Shadow script i have made

:slight_smile: Ooh, looking good! I can’t wait for a demo!

go j its your birthday lalalala looks good j like i said erlier .

Looks cool :slight_smile:
Is this shadow script hush hush?
Or could I take a look at it ?

hmm, it is so you have to wait thil the demo, or mehbe i will relese the script before the demo sometime… I will upgraid the script a bit before a demo comes…

yea he aint telling me nufin either lol. and we close :P.

Wow shadows!..
those are some cool scorpions, I wouldn’t be able to kill them though,they look almost huggable,can’t wait for the demo 8)

Hmm, they don’t look quite huggable to me.

P.S. My new avatar is not good, is it? It is from the TMDC6 winner (Bolognese). I didn’t make it. If you want to see the file, it’s here.

Looks good for a blender game, you should probably submit that script to those developing blender. :slight_smile:

hehe, mehbe, But i bet they know other better ways.

well i dont know how too do shadows lol at all!!! j ur the best.

Here is a little demo of just the shadows…

hhhmmm im looking now!!! guessing 2.25 u always work in that jus for you who didnt know :P. woah thats good :smiley: hey is that a ledge YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…goin down :smiley: ok really cool j.

Wow NOR J. that’s freaking awesome! when can we mortals expect to play the game?

when my Multiplayer Plug to blender is finnished 8)
i will make a multiplayer version of the game
But a singel player version will come out before that.
In some monthe or less you will se more progress :slight_smile:

im looking forward to it:D.