My game...

I didnt know where i should have put this thread, hopefully its not a big deal and if it is, im deeply sorry.

Soo someone might have seen my previous post and knows that im a total noob and im making a game. The reason for this thread is that i need help, and LOTS of it in many things, so heres “some” questions:

-I have made my world out of a plane and textured it. Do i need to make a skybox to it, becouse the game engine shows it completely White? And im gonna add particle water and grass, maybe snow too, when im at that point of learning. Which one do i add first: skybox or the particle thingys?

  • ill try making destroyable houses, is it possible to make a brick wall so that it wont break if i run and collide with it, but will when hit by explosion or a ragdoll collides with it with enough speed?

  • Does anybody know if theres a program that can be used with blender, for making visual effects? i would like it easy to use :p. Link?

  • If someone knows a site i can learn the basics of python scipting, please give me a link, would really help me out.

Thank you all, more questions later if anyone can help me.