my games keep minimizing every couple of sec. HELP!

Whenever I try to play a game on my computer, it will start loading and then just minimize for no apperent reason. What’s worse it then it does this every couple of seconds. It’s getting really annoying! I don’t know if anyone could help me on this, but I know we have some smart people here, so I would appreciate any help from anyone!


I found a number of links about this:

The first link is useless unless someone has an account for that site but the rest give some useful hints. Most common problems would be antivirus software or a keyboard problem. Could also be spyware or whatever in which case you need to scan but try the easiest options first.

What sort of keyboard do you have?

I have one of those MS keyboards with the extra media buttons, and my games will minimize every now an then. It usually happens when I’m loading a game or changing the volume. You can usually get around it by restoring the window and when the screen turns black start clicking with the mouse. This should ‘lock’ the window open and the game should continue properly.

No more MS hardware for me. :stuck_out_tongue: