My gecko just died [Redacted]

Removed this because it was dumb


Ever thought of taking the gecko to the vet???

You know there are lots of metabolical diseases that generate from an imbalance in protein/mineral/vitamin level. 0.2ml (or cc) of vitamin compound solution subcutaneous solves about 85% of the cases with problems you mentioned, so you actually deliberately killed your gecko. Also changing the diet is an ABSOLUTE BIG NO NO. If it doesn’t eat his normal diet, it’s because there is something else wrong, changing the diet only makes matters worse …

And finally, ever thought of looking on the internet trying to find what was wrong with the gecko, maybe you might have found what I just mentioned.

Really honestly, being a vet myself, stories like this really make me angry and want to throw lots and lots of very nasty words towards you. As I don’t want to be banned from this forum and as I do not want to upset you or offend you any more, I will not. Just understand that what you did was WRONG.

My angry angry hart needs to find some peace now, so I will go into the hospital to properly care for some in-patients.

grrrrrrrrrr …


Wonder how much a new gecko costs in comparison to a vet bill?

this makes me wanna make the gecko from the Geico commercials… I wonder if it would turn out good in blender:confused:


Gecko got AIDS. You should check yourself, Linkxgl.

That´s a sad story, but because of your handling.

A gecko, being a reptile still is a living being in my book, It´s no shaky table you try to fix somehow even without technical knowledge.
As hewi said, you should have brought it to a vet, who could actually diagnose and do something - and if you can´t justify the expenses there, you should have put it in the garden so a bird or cat kills it, or simply put it out of its misery if you got the guts.
This way you experimented the poor thing to death “over the last few months”… I can understand hewis anger as he dedicated his life to the welfare of animals…

A vitamine shot will cost you 5 euro’s, if you explain to me you don’t really want to pay the whole bill. and I would be happy to even do it for free, if he comes to me…

there is no excuse

Yes, I know we feel horrible for not going to the vet in the first place, and we do deserve your nasty words. I know what we did was wrong already.

The way we handled the situation was horrible and it cost the gecko to suffer.

But we did look through the internet and we tried some of what it needed. I don’t know if it was the right or wrong thing to do, but the liquid food thing was protein, a solution something we found on the internet.

Still, we should have brought him to the vet and we all know it was wrong, I understand why you, of all people, would be angry.

We didn’t experiment his time to death, the story is just how strong the creature was they way I looked at him. I’m sorry if it sound that way, but it wasn’t anything like that.

We did think of killing it to put it out of his misery and taking him to a vet, we just didn’t and that was the problem. And yes, I know it sounds horrible, and we know it is wrong. We just didn’t do much to make it better, but we were trying on our own, with good intention, but the wrong way to go.

Maybe my story did sound like I was some evil animal killer testing how long an animal could survive with the worst conditions, and I’m sorry if it did, I didn’t want it to sound that way.

Hell no. I never will, nor wanted to insinuate you any malignance.
What I meant that your lack of knowledge to treat a gecko was “experimenting to get it well somehow” rather than treating it at all.
And to be pefectly honest no one can really blame you, from your description I get it you are rather young, so your mum should have known better as she was directly involved.

But, if your gecko would have gotten sick in the wilds, he would have been killed as well, so don´t worry, just see it as a circle closing.

In general if you get a pet and you’re not sure how to take care of it there are plenty of guides out there in the form of websites and books, the internet has a lot of websites with guides on proper care of reptiles and you should always remember to find a vet that checks them so you can go at the first sign that something’s wrong. This could be adapted to apply for any pet of any species.

For example recently I noticed that for a long time our dog never had his teeth cleaned over the 9 years we’ve had him (he’s a beagle), last time we were at the vet I told him if he recommended it and he said it’s not an urgent need to get that done. It might be cheaper to just give him a bag of dentisticks recently developed by a major pet product company that can clean a dog’s teeth.

Yeah, we had a book about them and I think I still have it, but it just told you how you should take care of him and where you should keep it and things like that. It didn’t really tell you much about diseases or if you get any problems.

We also have a dog and he’s always really healthy, the gecko was always healthy also before it got sick. When my dog gets sick, it usually only lasts for like 3 days, and if he really needs it we give him a bit of medication(usually when he has rashes) and then he’s fine, it was much different for the gecko, we didn’t know that.

My condolences towards you and your family.

I think it’s better that a gecko died and not a friend or family member…I still feel sad for him though.

RIP (and pick up the phone next time, or tell your mom to do so)



Everything dies sooner or later…:no:

yeah true every pet becomes ur garden property soon.
cos of emotional attachment to it.
its death gives a lot of pain.
sorry to hear that.:frowning:
Now insects and worms can have their revenge eating it though :smiley:

that’s sad… :frowning: well, R.I.P little gecko.

on another note, I didn’t know they stored fat in their tails…interesting.

Don’t you think it’s selfish of you to try and keep it alive? Also, If you didn’t want it to suffer, you should’ve just killed it, not letting it slowly die.