My Girlfriend

This is my girlfriend i painted with oil colors 70x60 cm.The colors are mutch better but my digital cam shows them like this :x
I hope you like it
C&C welcom

I like it. Very clear and realistic.

Very nice painting. Try taking the picture under a mix of cold and warm light. once again very nice

Uhhh very nice painting (girl too).This is wonderful.


Very nice painting, but her eyes, nose and mouth seem a bit compacted together. It may just be at the angle she is standing, however.

Something about her left (your right) arm is bothering me, perhaps the lack of shadows, oh well, it’s nothing big.

Great job! I’m loving it. :slight_smile:

about her eyes, nose and mouth,its the angle she is standing,about the hand looks like a lack of shadows in the pic here,but thats becouse of the digital cam the colors are not like this in the original,and this problem dont looks like this here in the pic.