My Girlfriend

hehe… I made my girlfriends face in the last 4 hours :slight_smile: tell me what you think!

sorry theres no reference images attached… i dont want her to freak out cos i put random pics of her up on some random website :stuck_out_tongue:

it looks pretty nice :slight_smile:

Two and four female students in Tokyo street downbeat "Ugly " was ordered to leave

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Yea, but take my advice, never make your partner(wife, girlfriend…) because if you make them look terrible, there will be a HUGE scene.

hehe… ye… but u can do some good as well :slight_smile: my girlfriend has braces you see :stuck_out_tongue: she doesnt like them… so i dont have to make them!
thanks for the replies!

Man,good work.Have you shown her yet?

thanks Dman43v3r :slight_smile: and i see that that was your first post? welcome :slight_smile:
I have shown her :slight_smile: she really liked it… we compared it to a pic of her and saw there were a few things that were a tad off… heres a new version.

Btw this is the first time ive made hair with the particle system and the first fully completed face… the rest all miserably failed :stuck_out_tongue: this one turned out ok though i think

Have you tried using sss in the materials tab?

i have a tiny little bit… she goes black… ive never really figured out how to use sss :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks pretty good. I would add some SSS which would make the skin look a lot better. I would also try to make the hair a bit lighter so it’s not completely black.

Here is a good tutorial on skin with SSS:

Nice job. Now take it from an old man, create a short movie of her doing something fantastic, like rescuing a treed cat, or pulling a small child out of traffic. She probably will love it.

thanks for the link freethinker! i will defiantly check that out!

haha yes tommy that would be great!