My glass material isnt transparent

So im trying out some new things and im following the Blenderguru tutorial to make a beerglas…

Im doing things slightly different…(different shape of the glass)… and im running into problems…
So what I did was

  • modelled the shape of the glass
  • selected the top part of the glass and applied a solidify modifier to add some thickness at the top of the glass and lift op the bottom part of the top part
  • removed doubles
  • applied subsurf modifer (didnt apply it though)

So now my problem is that the bottem part (that doesnt have the solidify modifier applied to it… is translucent (as glass should be)… but the top part isnt… Im not sure why this is? Cause I think a applied the glass material to the entire glass…

Secondly… im still getting some weird shapes in the glass, so I think im doing something wrong topology wise…

And lastly… im planning on adding a label to the glass in a later stage. Is it possible to to do realistically with the subsurf modifier applied? Or should I use a different technique to get a smooth curved glass?

here is the file

any help will be greatly appreciated…

First thing, your glass needed to be set smooth and removing doubles got rid of a lot of points, so I’m guessing at some point, you either accidentally separated the faces. The lower part is solid glass, so behaves differently to the upper section, which has a “front” and “rear” section. Your problem stems from having only 1 set in your light paths for transmission, as a result, the rays are not reaching the back of your glass. Activate your subsurf by clicking on the eye in the modfier. Set transparency in light paths to be a minimum of 4 and likewise do the same for transmission.

Thank you for your reply!
Ive done what you said, and it looks better now… But im still running into some problems.

As you can see in the image below…i have rendered the bubbles, the liquid+bubbles and glass+liquid+bubbles
Just the bubbles look fine… but as soon as I add a liquicd… im getting this grunginess to it. Dark spots, smudges and noise. Also…the shape of the liquid istnt completely right. As you can see the edges are off and the top has a dark circle to it. Im not sure where this topology problem is coming from… Cause it looks pretty clean to me.

And in the far right render… the distortion of the bubbles and the grunginess is even more present. So it has to do with the materials… I tried just a glass shader to create the glass … but that got me this render (see image). so I used a preset…but that seems to distort and stuff …and the glass edges (bottom) look very thick and the foam doesnt show anymore… also…the bubbles are black…

So im thinking this must be a material problem of the liquid and the glass…

also…the image is still very noisy after rendering (at 300 samples full HD)… and Im not sture why that is… (liquid and foam especially)

here’s the new file

thank you in advance


Again, having added bubbles, you’re adding levels of transparency, so you need to crank those values up accordingly. The easiest way to get a handle on it is make a simple thin cube and make it glass, now use an array on it and offset it so they overlap. Start with your transmission at zero, everything will be black. The higher you raise it, the more blocks are transparent. 300 samples isn’t a lot for this sort of scene, but will take a look at the blend file for you.

Having looked at your blend file, definitely need to up the transparency settings & transmission, (i set it to 24).
As for the speckles on the beer head, even isolating that bit of geometry, with everything else hidden, it took well over 1000 samples for all the speckles to dissapear.

For liquid in glass - you might want to take a look at this

Thank you so much for helping me out… its starting to make sense now :slight_smile:
I decided to restart over with the model, cause i felt it was a mess and i wanted a clean start to encorporate what you said to me.
But it all starts with a good model… so i redid the beerglas and it’s like this now

Its only ‘one wall’ glass… cause I wanted to make sure i did the topology good on this one… I will create the second wall (for the top part later)… I also duplicated a part of the glass, made it a tiny bit smaller and repositioned it to create the liquid… Im not sure if thats the right way. I forgot to close of the top btw… will do that later

can you please take a look at the model and see if its propperly modeled this time? I feel it looks good, altough im not sure about the top…

Thank you again in advance…