MY GLSL in the textured view is black (but works in the BGE)

I don’t know about you but from seeing the stuff in the BGE my GPU supports GLSL as I can see stuff in the BGE when it’s being played but when I turn on GLSL materials and go to textured view, the objects are black, anyone know why exactly?

Do you have the latest drivers for your video card?

I haven’t downloaded new drivers in a while, but it’s just the lamps that are not working as I can tell. I found shadeless works and UV textures work though.

The best thing to do right now is update your drivers to the latest version, then come back and let us know if its working for you or not.

make sure you have a light on the same layer as your mesh, it should work.
Save and re-load your blend, sometimes there is a bug with it auto updating.

Also, if you pressed V by mistake you may have added vertex colors, and it is painted black or white by default. in edit buttons delete the vertex paint block.

hope that helps.

get the same problem with the latest apricot build the GLSL display is not working… in the previous build all was well… had normal maps etc. Other people on report the same problem.

I’v got the same problem here too. One of the first test builds worked flawlessly - now I can’t see normal maps and the lighting/shadows don’t work either. Nvidia card with Windows XP Pro SP2.

When it goes black, Check your console. If it says "error code c9999: exception during compilation than you have the same issue as me. According to Brecht:

This is Nvidia’s compiler way of saying, “some error happened somewhere, but I don’t know what exactly”. It is possible that your graphics card cannot run shaders with more than a certain number of instructions, the only solution to that is to use less lights and/or make the materials simpler. An as kay_Eva mentions, many engines have such restrictions to deal with the limitations of graphics cards. Supporting more lights should be possible in principle as long as any point in the scene is only influenced by a limited number, thought the current GLSL implementation does not support this.

I say this is just a blender glitch, as I can run F.E.A.R on maximum everything without any problem what so ever (besides the usual lag all new games have).

i reproduced this bug after a “repeat last” in object mode after resizing some object but i was in solid mode, then when i turned in material mode all texture on object but not the one on the ground were black, and i was able to see them only rendering in blender render (i was using BGE) so i saved a new version of the project and i reopened it, i was able to see all texture again. (if using bge ensure to have glsl activated)

This is an old thread though and I no longer have this problem. This issue also does not apply to 2.8 because the viewport was completely rewritten.

The only way this would apply is if UPBGE was not yet ported to 2.8’s codebase.