my glsl problam

sos to bother you,

when i click on glsl in game it comes up with this:

and doesn’t work.

Whats your graphics card?

ill check

OK try Start>>Run>>dxdiag incase you dont know how :wink:

It’s pretty straightforward no? Not compatible so it won’t work. Try updating drivers but you may just have an old card

here are the settings and stuff

tried it and it deosn’t work


tried them but nothing

“GLSL not supported with this graphics card or driver”

Not meaning any offense but… it means that GLSL is not supported by your Graphics card or driver.
Okay sorry for the sarcasm…Your graphics card doesn’t support GLSL. :wink:



so how come it worked on my old less powerfull computer?

Maybe the card was better on the older one just because it is older doesn’t mean its worse

it was worse
thew things worked with it.
but the new one is somit like 20-26 more times more powerfull

That card might be built in, If you still have your old computer, you could probably take its card out and place it in your new one.

Just because your computer is faster, doesn’t mean it’s better for gaming. It might just be a faster processor with a cheap graphics card which would give you the issues your having.

i have the some problam in till i update my driver go to intel it beta in you have glsl you just don’t know you have it

i dont really want to tamper with the computer in case all my other programs and stuff go rong

you see it beta in you must go intel you will never find it be cuz it’s your driver beta in

sorry, i don’t understand were to go?

you meen this:

yes in the way but wrong go to the site get update
this is to check what drive you and see it can support glsl and run test open gl 2.0 you have nvidia but it’s beta in with intel be cuz it’s a notebook pc all so get nvidia plug in for photoshop it’s normal map

Intel Graphics Drivers suck! Buy a new computer with an Nvidia brother. Intel graphics is like a red headed step child that needs to get smacked down.