my google site

hey all
check my new site out please, its still getting put together but i need some crits on it. i cant change the layout to much since it doesnt let you, or i havent found out how to load my own templates. anyway what do you’s think of it?

Perhaps a links page (with a link to of course :P) and a picture or two to make things interesting. Also, I would make the font uniform. Instead of “daniel wray’s Home Page” make it all caps or all lower case like “Daniel Wray’s Home Page” or “daniel wray’s hompage” Those are the only things I can think of. Free page builders are nice but there isn’t a whole lot you can do with them.

I couldn’t agree more about the free page builder. They should at least allow you to use custom backgrounds. Also 100M is not much space for images, video or whatever else you might want.

I think it would be cool if you could imbed your uploaded google movies into your web page.

Also if they would just give you a image browser for movies and images, that would be cool to.

Or maybe, just like you could go to a persons profile, see thier blogs, images, movies, web page, subscribed google groups and any public contact info. That would rock.

The one thing that google got right was that ads are not content.

thanks for the replies, ill be changing that part you mentioned sh33p, didnt notice it :o lol. i agree it limits me since im using a site builder, but its free so i cant complain :slight_smile:

ive got some decent templates done aswell, shame i cant use them :frowning:

Well if you are interested in good ad-free hosts, check out or Both have mysql and php capabilities and good storage and bandwidth specs (well for free hosts anyways). Anyways, best of luck. I love developing websites. It’s time consuming but fun :cool: