My Grandmother's Bureau

An antique bureau I modelled over the course of a few weeks - Blender, Cycles and Substance Painter.

I love it. I like a lot the special wood texture of this kinf of furniture.

It’s something nice about those old things and you have succeeded very well in capture the feeling of a carefully used bureau. Since it’s a finished piece I should not give any critique… but I always have a hard time to keep my mouth shut ;).
It’s about the dust. It’s cool that you can see the hands in it… but it is to grainy and disturbs the picture a little. It’s even more obvious on the edge above the feet. Using more dust (more particles, but lesser size) and perhaps changing the transparency a bit would do the trick I think. Almost certain that you have seen the YouTube from BlenderGuru about dust, but if not… it could be helpful.
However… very well done :)!

Hi MagicGlow, I have of course seen the dust tutorial - Andrew’s videos have always been wonderful, but I merely transposed the technique he showed over to substance painter. I think you are right about how obvious the dust is though.