My granpa's dad passed away

(SideXffects) #1

My granpa’s dad passed away yesterday at 9:00. I know, I know why should I tell you this you’re just going to start celebrating and mocking me insulting me like you always do but my granpa’s dad passed away and I didn’t know what to do. My grandpa went to out home country to say good-bye and throw a big party for his dad because he was turning 90 and it was going to be his last bitrthday. My mom told me that when he was 70 he could still make house with his bare hands. I just found today and I can’t believe I was happy yesteterday because I was watching my fav. cartoon. MY grandma was really bad but now she’s O.K. 2 Years ago my granpa’s father lost his sister. Everything is doing bad with me

(gargola) #2

come on man! we are not monsters! i’m really sorry.

(SideXffects) #3

you live in my home country

(gargola) #4

Puerto Rico?

(SideXffects) #5

I don’t live there that’s where my grandparents came from

(gargola) #6

pero hablas español?

(SideXffects) #7

Si. Yo se español.

(gargola) #8

que bueno es tener un hermanito que hable español aqui! :stuck_out_tongue:

(viktorivar) #9

SideXffects, my condolence

(SideXffects) #10

No me llame hermanito

(gargola) #11

por que??? te molesta?

(rogerm3d) #12

Sorry to hear dat.
Problems humble one.
Most of us dont hate you. Its more an attitude you posses (or so i think).
Become humbled and show us all what your really worth.
Goodz Luck

(blengine) #13

try not to be sad man =) theyre the lucky ones…they get to see whats next, death is only the beginning… :frowning: :wink: