My grass and rock shaders.

hey i wasnt sure where to post this so just doing it here.

just wondering what people thought of my grass and rock scene not counting the HDRI though.

all done in cycles
been trying to get a good grass and rock shader, not trying to make this a final piece or anything just really focusing on the shaders.

I think the rocks looks great. The grass shader set up looks pretty good as well, perhaps a little more variation in the colors, what may add to it, is some bare spots and thinning areas. Other than incredibly well maintained golf courses, rarely would you see such thick uniform grass.

You have done a nice job on this so far.

I guess i could maybe lessen the emission count see how that goes

I think im quite happy with it now, wee bit of compositing as well. what do you think?


cool, tha’s good for simple animation i think. grassland scene :smiley:

I’d be very very interested in seeing how you have done this, as I am currently modelling my home before I am moving out…

Any specific details would be greatly appreciated!

It looks good. That will fit so well on my scene.