My Green Goblin Sculpt (Opinions and Advice Please)

Hey guys ! I am looking to get as much feedback as possible on this. I have stated this several times but this is only my second sculpt ever and I was wondering what you guys think and what areas I can improve on. . I would like to know before I start getting ready to finalise this project. All criticisms are welcome !

Latest Update :


Any feedback guys ? :slight_smile:

Hey here is a higher resolution version with extra highlighted details using the texture paint tool.

the textures are nice, but your going to need to add some subsurface scatter to bring it to life. the eyes need some gloss too. it will look a lot better once you change the default grey backround as well.

I like the cap a lot! Eyes are also fine.
Possible improvements: As Small Troll mentioned, a nice sss and gloss is needed to be more alive. For the background you should use some texture or a simple color ramp. The lights can also be improved with a hdri texture and a stronger rimlight. The pumpkin is very grey so it should be a little more saturated (+sss).

Cheers for the advice guys ! I am going to have an update soon. I have added a hdri map to the background and have added some gloss and sss to the skin. You are right, it is really beginning to bring the character to life !

Hey guys here is an update. I don’t know whether I have put to much sss on him because something doesn’t quite look right. What are your thoughts ?

I am new so I am pretty certain I have done something wrong. Here is my node setup for the skin :

Let me know what you guys think and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !

Compositing added :

Nice progress!
I think the skin shader setup is a little complicated, and there are some nodes that are not much needed.
Here’s a very basic setup (i think it’s fair enuogh though) which i use mostly. You may want to notice the sss scale which is far below yours. The best way to find the good solution is to play a little with a cube or a sphere in a dark environment with a simple light. The key is that tweaking values should go by little steps. Another hint: to figure out what color the scaterring effect will be, is to simply copy an rgb setup from any color wheel (eg. for a red scattering - r:1 g:0 b:0 etc.).
And you can also try bump instead of a displacement effect.

oops, the glossy went red, sorry for that its white or little bluish…:wink:

The area directly around the eyes could use some more detail, imo.

Here is my latest update using the nodes you suggested. I think that is more like it. Still not entirely sure about the composition itself but it is getting there. Thank you very much.

I agree modron, I think I lost a lot of detail because instead of plugging the image texture directly into the sub surface scattering, I put it into one of the mix shaders :confused:

Another update. I need to sort out the left eye but I have been testing different looks for the shot and this one is my favourite so far. Let me know guys what you think !

New update. Added some armour :

yes, thats a nice texture under the shoulder spikes. though i’m sure your aware , you have stretched the cloth texture badly.

Yeah, I did notice that. I am currently rendering out a new version without the stretching. What do you think of the skin ? Is it starting to look more alive ?

yes it’s definatly getting therebut , i thonk your over doing it with the depth of field. i it ruining the detail on the face

Hey guys here is a newer update with more details to the face added. For some reason I can’t seem to get rid of the stretching around the neck of the fabric. I have used a solidify modifier on it. I used a plane to create it, would it be better to use a different modifier or start from scratch using a cube ?