My grid (floor+axes) are gone!

About halfway through a project, my grid and axes just disappeared, and now I can’t figure out how to get it back!

I’ve searched the web for solutions, but none of the ones I found worked.

Its not the view I’m in. Perspective, ortho, aligned, top/left/front, etc., its all gone. Changing shading modes doesn’t help either.

I go to different workspaces (layout, modeling, UV editing, etc.) and its gone there, too.

When I load the previous backup of the file, the grid is back, but I’ve done a lot of work since then.
Creating a new file or loading another project brings the grid back, so this problem is specific to this project.

My workaround is to just create a new file and copy everything from the current file to the new one, but this has happened to me several times before and I want to figure out what’s going on so I can restore grid without doing that.

I would attach the project file, but as a new user I can’t so I’ve put it in my public OneDrive linked below:!108&cid=A83B198CFA9884AA
It is the only item in there and I will remove it if this problem gets resolved.

Ok, so immediately after posting this, I went in to do my usual workaround. Here’s what happened:
With the old, gridless file open I did ctrl+n to make a new:general file. The new one had no grid either!
So I closed and reopened Blender and I got the default cube with the grid there, like normal.
THEN I went to open the beach1006 file, and the grid was back!
I tried opening the file directly from Windows, and the problem is still gone!

So, does this make my post a bug report?

You may have disabled overlays ? in the 3dview header


lol no, definitely not that. But so far, it hasn’t happened again

There’s a key command that does that. I can’t recall what it is, but I think it’s the same key that sets it back to normal.