my GTA style game

Hi! everybody, I’m new here. I want to show you people my game. I was talking about it in other post, but it was becoming off-topic. So I open this post, to talk about my game, if somebody want to, of course.

I’m from Códoba, Spain. So sorry for my English. But I think we’ll be able to understand each other.

this is the link to my website (in Spanish)

The game is far to be finished, but I’m working on it. I’m trying to make my neighborhood, so I’m taking pictures, to use it like textures, but it’s a sloooooow work. I have only a couple of building, a car, a person, a garage, a few trees and a little more.

I used the famous vehicle demo, I used to a mouse control that I got in this forum ( splinter cell template, I think :confused:). I used Poser to make some animations…

I really don’t know much about, modelling, riggin, animation, and this stuff. I’m just taking pre-builded stuff from here and there, to make what I want… a GTA in my neighborhood :smiley:

Some pictures…

My last step, thanks to this forum.

A little demo video.

Getting in/out the car

Version 0.6.1 (sound, installer and launcher)

I will post here next versions.


Very Nice!

Awsome, nice work.
I only watched the video, i don’t have time for downloading.

You should use more different textures. And make better animatsions :smiley: he walk and run like monkey. :yes:

i think its very good. it will be interesting to see updates when you make them.

Very very nice! How did you make the physics for the car (The movement of the car’s body)? They are pretty awesome. I also like the bus. I still need to learn to make traffic besides animations :stuck_out_tongue: Oh and the guy does walk and run a little weird. The arms and legs should move a little closer to each other cause i noticed they are to the side too much. But besides that. Awesome work!

Great work matey ! :wink:

looks like a good start. You need lightning/shading

For everybody who don’t like animation:

I didn’t make the animation, I used Poser. It program has a walk editor very nice and you can export the bvh file. Maybe I did wrong the skining and that’s why look odd, because the animation is really good. Check this video, I used the same bvh file.

Red Penguin: I didn’t do it the car physics, I just took a demo from
look for 2.43 regresion files. I just change the mesh and the wheels.

Sim88: I’ve no idea about lightning/shading, any tutorial?

This is very nice, now you need to improve the graphics and animations parts :slight_smile:

I don’t know about a tutorial, I think lighting is just

  1. select all faces of a model, in buttons click shaded, click copy drawmode
    2 add lamps in proper places

bookeater: That’s a tutorial, thank you very much. When I told you I’ve no idea, it was completely true :slight_smile:

adrien: I have to improve EVERYTHING lol. It won’t be finished :(, but before to imporve things, I want to get a playable demo, you know, I’ll add a little mission or something.

Very cool. It looks like you could work on the graphic of the bus, but still it is very well done.
I knowticed that the framerate of the video was also good. What did you use to record it, how good is your computer? When I record I can’t seem to get a framerate better then 3 fps.

to record the video I used fraps it’s a cool tool if you are making a videogame. Check it out. My computer is a amd 2800 Mhz, 512 Ram, ati 9550 256MB.

Did you say “the bus”? It was rare that nobody say anything about it. :smiley: The bus sucks:yes:, it was just a test, is a cube with a picture like texture, that’s all, I wanted to test the ipo animation and the collision sensor.

Oh about the physics. I found out you used that before you answered lol. Kind of weird :stuck_out_tongue: Did you use the template in this thread
for the “getting in vehicle” thing or did you make it yourself?

Kool demo, I’m a bit curious to how you handled the character going in, and out of the car:)

Textures could work, animation seems fine enough but I think you need to adjust the movement speed of the character running, seems a bit too fast.

Overall good job, keep up the good work!

Red Penguin I didn’t see that post, I did it by myself.

I did this :

I have two character, one is the walker and the other one is the driver.

The driver is always in the car, but sometimes visible and sometimes invisible.

When the walker is near to the car, and I push MMB (midle mouse button) the walker is moved to a hidden place, and the driver became visible. no code is needed.

To go out, the driver became invisible, and the walker is moving again next to the car. I need code to get the position of the car. I think gabysoft in canguro3d’s forum is the one who gave me the code to do that. It’s not hard.

I have to change the camera too, one camera always follow the car, the other one follow the walker. and I change between them when I get out/in the car. No code here.

There is no animation geting out/in the car yet. I want to do it, but I’m not a good animator, and I’m sure, it would be hard. I want to do first others part of the game.

I hope I’ve been understood.

You have mate, atleast by me :slight_smile: Sounds cool :slight_smile:

WOW! I am a GTA fan and you are truly a gansta :stuck_out_tongue: The game is looking promising, although it is in its first stage, i hope you put in some light and shadow and more details. The characters and camera movement is really nice. This will be a great blender game!

Ahh I see how you did it. I was sort thinking of ways to do that. Just haven’t tried them yet :slight_smile: Thanks and great work!

just cool … as i love gta