My Guardian

Hi guys,
This painting tells a story about a very rich and arrogant boy and his Ginny bodyguard. The funny thing is that the Ginny looks more alive than the boy even though his face is just a mouth and fangs!
Greed and arrogance cover the boy and it shows…
I tried to achieve the “Arabian Nights” style in this painting. If you have any notes please feel free to tell :slight_smile:


Amazing stuff o.O but maybe a bit to dark in the middle left

great work!

my only crit, however, is the feet.
something about them is not right to me.
but otherwise, looks awesome =)

Great Work…
No crits here:yes:.

Fort Ash

thats nice azz man… Keep up the good work. By the way did you paint it or did u use color pencils or somthing?

Thanks for the replies guys :slight_smile:
I made some fixes and additions ( like the feather on the boys cap, and some shadow fixes ). I updated the first post.

nitros2, it’s done 100% within photoshop using a tablet :slight_smile:


That’s awesome Jassar. The guardian’s foot is turned outward too much to be natural… but honestly… it looks so good that I’d almost be afraid of suggesting you change that :slight_smile: How long have you been using a tablet?

Hey 4tonmantis, thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:
I’ve been using a tablet for almost a couple of years now… I’m still learning :slight_smile:

Very nice image - you captured the emotions rather well.

It looks like you’re still learning some of the finer points of digital painting. Sheesh, though, I still wish I was as good you; I’ve really wanted to get into digital painting for a while, and I’m trying to hand-paint a texture for a little 3D project I’ve got going, and it’s hard.

What I felt worked well in your pic is the expression in the kid’s face. There’s no doubt he’s a spoiled little tyrant. What struck me as not working as well was the monster’s face, for some reason. Maybe it’s that it’s not “centered” like a face. Anyway, hope this is useful for you.