My guitar help!!!!

Music Creator LE 5

I am able to record sound with my guitar via usb cable, but NOTHING on the program will play through my seperate speakers or the computer speakers. Also, if I minimize the program, I cannot listen to anything else on the web. This happened with the usb in and disconnected. What is wrong with it? Is it my input/output settings on the program? D:

Lots of times programs like that will not use your windows default input and output unless specified. Try going to the preferences in the program and looking in the input/output section. You should be able to change the output there.

Hello! :slight_smile: I have tried and changed the output multiple times. Maybe its my sound card?? But I just bought a new high-end computer, and upgraded the cards and ram, so that shouldn’t be the problem. I do know ALOT about computers so getting technical is no problem lol :wink:

So when you record the guitar is there any indication that it acctually recorded something? Like a timeline that shows the waves of frequency?

Yes, the program is showing me feedback and so are the speakers but they seem to have switched to a secondary source that does not sound. :confused: