My Gun Won't Shoot

i have checked the threds many times but i haven’t found any thing.
i am a beginer with blender and my gun isnt shooting.
i have got the bullet to apper from the other layer but it stays there and then dissapears without moving can somebody give me some help or a step by step walkthrought.
P.s i am a beginner so please keep it simple. thanx

probably you forget to set some values in the LinV fields of the Add Object actuator?!
Time to, its important.

Post a blend file, it’s hard to say like this.
Step by step: add an empty, parent it to the gun with a bit of distance so that it doesn’t hit the gun when it starts moving. In a different layer make a bullet. Empty should have a keyboard or mouse sensor and “add object” actuator.

all i need to know is how to set up the logic bricks please help
and add some pictures if you can

Did you make the bullet a dynamic actor? If not, you have to use dloc as a motion actuator.

i got my gun to some what shoot but when i make it dynamic the bullets go every where any sujestions??

Well, dont use dynamic and use the dloc to send the bullet out after it is added. In other words, on the bullet add an actuator and set the dloc.

here you go you should be find set it up some time i get lost my self but some time i find my way some time it hard to set up some time it not to set up

hey robbyrob06 thanx for the pics but they don’t work on my computer??

that the basic it set up whan you make a bullet put it in another layer and name it bullet don’t forget to add a property and get it int name bullet 1 ok now thay are to why too set up this sensor all way (collision bullet )<----------->(and cont)<----------->(edit object end) that all for layer2 go back to layer 1 and set up your player sensor (keyboard space bar)<------->(and cont)<---------->(edit object add object ob:bullet now play around with it ) and see what you get

oh do not set up dynamic just actor and ghost ok for the bullet ok

i tryed that but the bullet doesn’t even move ?? what should i do