My gun

I made a handgun… i didnt really made one that really exists…

so what u think of it? its a low poly gun, some friends and me are busy on a game and maybe the gun is gettin in the game too…


EDIT// C&C are welcome :smiley:

i think that the handle should be slanted backwards to make it look better

I like it. I agree with skeletor tho.


Yeah, and the front part that sticks out should be the same size if not bigger than the back sticking out part. Just my opinion though. :wink: Great work! :smiley:

handle needs to be longer or else it would only like like 7 bullets and unless its a .50 that doesnt work needs to have an opening for the cases to fall out and a trigger would be nice

Thn for the reply guys, ill update my gun and then ill post it again!