My half finished, First game (Demo?)

Ok, I made this little Demo I named it “Boing” if it doesn’t have textures or sound please reply as I need to know! Just use the arrows and have fun

Please give me feedback, I am a big blender noob but I dont think its that bad! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well for a first game it is OK. One of the first things I noticed though was that the stage had way too many unnecessary polys. 13000 faces for a small stage like that. You should add a location constraint so the ball doesn’t move along the x axis. The textures showed up fine, but I didn’t get any sound.

Keep working at it.

This may sound stupid but, Whats a poly? and how do I “fix” it? Sorry for any confusion caused and thank you for playing, I know for an image you “Pack Image” But I dont know how to keep the sound on it! :frowning:

Also sorry for being annoying but how do I Location Constraint because I like that idea! :slight_smile:

‘Poly’ is short for polygon. As for the location constraint, I believe there’s a setting in the Physics menu to stop X-axis movement.