My hamster : )

Hi, this is my hamster that I’ve recently finished. I’m happy with the fur , which I’ve made from Dave Wards amazing fur-tutorial which can be found here:

I first thought of making a movie with it but because my computer isn’t the best it lags to much to make a movie without throwing the whole thing into the wall. I’m also sorry for not being able to put the hamster in a diffrent possition, I’m not good enough for that…

Well say what you think about it, it’s the first model I’ve made based on a creature but I think I’ll do it with some other animals in the future because it was really fun making it.

Enjoy (if you can) : )

![ bra päls.jpg]( bra päls.jpg)

I want to see this hamster with Armature rigging moving around someday!!!

Is his snout a bit flat?
Otherwise nice work!

yea I know that the hamster isn’t exactly similar to the real thing but this is as good as I can do at the moment.

who knows? maybe it’ll be alive and moving some day… A day very far from now that is : )

I can’t see the pic. Any hints why others can?



Maybe the .com site isn’t availible in Germany?äls.jpg

can I see manster with armature ringging moving in while time

Thanks for the hint. I figured it out. Normally I’m browsing the forum under Linux with Firefox. Sometimes there are no pics to see. I tried this thread under Windows now with Firefox and Internet Explorer and both show me the pic. I have no idea why. :frowning: