My Hand !

yea it’s just my hand :smiley: . i’ve alawys wondered if it’s possible to make a decent drawing on the computer using the mouse and thought it would be difficult … so yesterday i’ve decided to give it a try as i’ve never tried to draw on the computer before, with some struggling with the mouse i made this one:
well it’s not finished but i wanted to share it here with u all to have some what do u think ?

With a mouse?! That’s pretty good! (I once heard it put, “It’s hard to draw a portrait with a bar of soap”)

I like it :slight_smile:

Only crit: Some flaws seem to be too strong. (How do you say that in English?)

As example: Where the hand connects to the arm, it almost looks as if a small string is tied around that point.

Wrinkles/creases :wink:

Right, thanks :slight_smile: